The Wheel of Enormous Proportions

Behold.. an enormous experience awaits you! The Wheel of Enormous Proportions is a hybrid game of trivia and chance hosted by an immortal, all-knowing wheel from a mountaintop in the sky. You’ll have to earn slices of the Wheel’s majestic face playing trivia before moving on to the spinning round where enough lucky spins can lead you to victory.

The Wheel of Enormous Proportions Gameplay Screenshot
The Wheel of Enormous Proportions Gameplay Screenshot
The Wheel of Enormous Proportions Gameplay Screenshot
The Wheel of Enormous Proportions Gameplay Screenshot

Who is the Wheel of Enormous Proportions? An ageless deity? An ancient oracle? A massive being that craves the company of tiny humans for trivia and casino-esque hijinks? The answer is yes!

In the beginning… you are invited by the omniscient Wheel to ask any question that gnaws at your soul, anything at all. Suppose you want to know who your soulmate is or what is the best pizza topping. No question is beyond the Wheel’s infinite wisdom to answer. But all players must survive a contest of trivia and wheel-spinning first. The Wheel only bestows its knowledge on the game’s champion.

Once assembled on the Wheel’s sacred summit in the sky, players are challenged to play an enlightened brand of trivia. Every trivia round is followed by a round of wheel-spinning. 

In each trivia round (a maximum of three prompts per round), you must type out or tap on answers that satisfy each prompt. For the core minigame, you tap as many correct answers as you can before time runs out. Randomly mixed in are five other minigames that require you to:

  • enter number values
  • type out a list of answers
  • match items from two columns
  • select the best possible answer between two choices
  • guess what the Wheel is thinking based on clues

Following each prompt, the most successful players are awarded more slices of the Wheel for the upcoming spinning round. But the Wheel is benevolent so nobody goes away empty-handed. After the final question of each trivia round, the Wheel gives that question’s winner a Power Slice, a special form of currency.

Now it’s time to spin! First, you strategically place your earned slices into slots on the Wheel’s face (slots may be shared among multiple players). The excitement begins when players alternate spinning the Wheel. With each spin, anyone can accrue points. Sometimes you can lose them. The player who earned the Power Slice gets a points boost if the Wheel stops on it. 

The goal is to earn 20,000 points, an achievement that puts you in position to vanquish your opponents with a lucky spin of the Winner Wheel. If the Wheel stops on a slice with your name on it, you move onto… 

(CUE angelic choral music)

The Wisdom Wheel. This is it, the proverbial moment of truth. Remember that burning question you asked at the start? As winner of the game, you’ll have it answered with one final twirl of the Wheel. Will it be… pepperoni, anchovies, or something completely unexpected? 

Only the Wheel knows for sure.

Game Specs

Player Count: 2-8 players
Length of Game: 15-25 minutes
Family-Friendly Setting: Yes
Moderation: Yes
Audience Capacity: 10,000
Ability to Start Game From Controller: Yes

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