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We love making games that allow you to engage with your community!

Our goal has always been to create party games that are quick and easy to pick up while also setting you up for gut-busting nights of laughter and creative competition. Ever since streamers started sharing our games on their channels, we’ve made it a priority to provide the best experience for online hosts, remote players, and digital audiences. Over the last few years we’ve been adding features to our party packs specifically designed for streamers like you!

You're In Control

First off, it’s your stream and Jackbox wants to help you host the game session that’s right for you and your audience.

This starts with making you the VIP. The first player to log on to the game* is in complete control of when the game starts. 

As the VIP, you can also manually censor answers you don’t want to display to your audience in certain games. Our latest games have automatic censoring options. More on that coming up. 

If you have more players than the allotted player count, the rest of your viewers can play along in the audience, which supports participation for up to 10,000 people!

*The “Start Game From Controller Only” setting allows you to control the game without being a player, in case you just want to host and MC while your guests or followers play the game.

To learn more about what is or isn’t acceptable when streaming our games, check out our Content Guidelines here.

Customize Your Stream

Once you’ve got the basics, it’s time to host a Jackbox game session that is uniquely yours. Our latest games have features that allow you to provide extra support for your audience and tools to build your ideal stream session. 

Extended Timers: We want to ensure you can set your players up for success and sometimes that means giving them a few extra seconds to craft the most devastating Mad Verse, custom t-shirt, or hilarious quip. Extended timers help mitigate against stream lag.

Filter US-Centric: Check out this feature in the menu of Trivia Murder Party 2 to avoid questions that may not appeal to a global audience. Many games in The Jackbox Party Pack 7 have this option as well! 

Subtitles: Starting with The Jackbox Party Pack 6, subtitles have become a common feature for all of our games to ensure your audience doesn’t miss a step in instructions or a helpful hint from DODE.

Make it Easier: (Getting really specific now) The Devil and the Details in The Jackbox Party Pack 7 lets you set the difficulty score, so you get to define success. 

These features (and many more!) can be found in the menu of our latest games. You can get more details on the settings in each game by visiting this page and clicking on the title you’re interested in! 

Keeping Your Stream Safe

If you want to make sure your audience is having a good time, step one is keeping them safe.

The features we’ve added on behalf of streamers allow your sessions to be customizable, fun, and friendly. 

Family-Friendly Mode: To start, a family-friendly option has been available on our games for quite some time. This way, you can avoid the more risque prompts or adult trivia.

Profanity Filters: Manual censoring has been available for a while, but The Jackbox Party Pack 7 also includes a profanity filter that will automatically keep hate speech and the like out of your stream. The strictness of this can be adjusted in the settings menu.

No Real-Time Interaction: Some games like Talking Points give audiences the ability to alter the screen in real time by drawing or writing on the screen, which is why you may want to adjust settings to prevent troublemakers from abusing that power. 

For more tips on how to protect your stream while keeping your followers happy, check out this blog.

Going Full Stream

Some of these features listed above can help you stream and also host a game night at home. A few more features, however, are specifically designed for streamers. For our Twitch streamers, the “require Twitch” setting only allows players with Twitch profiles to participate in a game.

By interacting with streamers we learn more about what features work great and what issues we can help resolve. For example, having low latency enabled on your streams allows for more interaction with your audience. Here are instructions for enabling low latency streaming, depending on which platform you are using:

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