Roomerang Is the First Game in The Jackbox Party Pack 9

Roomerang Not Final Logo

We’re ready to announce the first game in the next Party Pack. It’s (insert aggressive drum roll here)…


How is this possible? It’s still mid-February! 

In case you missed the announcement last week, The Jackbox Party Pack 9 is available now on major digital platforms.

We’re doing things a bit differently this year. You might be used to a brief announcement blog hitting your email in the spring, explaining the game’s concept along with a lovely teaser video to reveal the game. We’ll have some of this in the months to come!

Instead, this is the first of MANY updates you can come to expect about this brand new reality TV-inspired title called Roomerang

The first way you can learn more about Roomerang is by tuning into a brand-new streaming series called Inside the Box next Thursday at 4:45 PM CT, immediately following The Jackbox Party Club. During the stream, which will happen on a monthly basis, you’ll hear directly from the team working on the game. They’ll be sharing more about their sources of inspiration, the decisions they are making as development progresses, and giving sneak peeks at work-in-progress builds of the game.

In addition to the stream, we’ll be sharing dev diaries periodically and introducing you to the work different team members are doing on our TikTok channel. We want to invite you to watch the process unfold and get as excited about Roomerang as we are!

For now, you know the name and you can check out this temporary logo! That’s right, even the logo might evolve over the next few months and you’ll get to see it happen when we do. 

Watch Rob Has a Podcast and former Survivor castaways play an early version of Roomerang here:

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