Quixort is the Fifth Game Coming This Fall in The Jackbox Party Pack 9

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If you know Jackbox Games, then you know that we release one pack each year with five games, and this year is no different. The second game we revealed was Fibbage 4, with Nonsensory third, Junktopia fourth, Roomerang first and finally… Quixort!!!

Watch our friend Swiftor play through an early build of Quixort:

If that last sentence had you screaming “Those are in the wrong order!,” “Why would you place them that way?!” or “I demand the ability to put those things in the proper place!”, well have we got a game for YOU!

Quixort gives players a simple prompt like “Put these planets in order from closest to the sun, to farthest from the sun.” Easy, right? Well, hold on there, partner.

Quixort asks you to sort the answers (in this case planets) as falling blocks, guided by adorable little robots just trying to make a living in this trivia sorting factory. So all you have to do is guide the falling blocks into their correct order and net your team a big score. 

Wait, did you just read TEAMS? Well, there are teams! So you and your group can join forces and talk through (probably yell) where each block needs to go as it falls.

And if teams aren’t your thing, there’s Quixort Forever, a separate game mode that lets a single player or team see how long they can place blocks before topping out. Just like the main game, you place your blocks, but in Quixort Forever, your wrong answers hang around. 

So if you have a need to properly place everything, check out Quixort!!!  It’s as easy as A, C, B.

Quixort is part of the The Jackbox Party Pack 9 – now available on major digital platforms. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok so you don’t miss early looks at Party Pack 9 gameplay.

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