The Jackbox Party Pack

Long gone are quiet nights in watching the same old TV shows – The Jackbox Party Pack is here! Experience five fun games in one great pack – giving you the perfect excuse for rounding up friends, family and fellow gamers for a few hours of gaming delight – whatever the day, whatever the occasion. You’re gonna need more than one party for this. 

NOTE: The Jackbox Party Pack does NOT have a family-friendly filter setting.

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What is a Party Pack?

Since 2014, we’ve been releasing collections of easy-to-play party games for your friends, family, and fellow inmates.

Players join by simply using the web browser on their smartphone – no app needed!

Each pack contains a variety of different games that might ask you to draw weird doodles, write the best inside joke, or answer hilarious trivia questions.

There are hours of laughs in every pack!

Available on just about every platform except the smart fridge, The Jackbox Party Packs are ready to take your get-together to the next level. Or at least to the level right below that one.

The Jackbox Party Pack


The comedy trivia sensation returns with hundreds of new questions that you can tackle on a night in by yourself or when you’re joined by friends.

Fibbage XL

The hilarious bluffing game now has 50% more questions added to the original hit game, Fibbage. Convince your friends that you know the answers to odd trivia questions OR aim to win the Thumbs Cup with the funniest answer.


The first installment of the wildly popular drawing game allows you to draw bizarre doodles on your phone or tablet.

Word Spud

Test your vocabulary chops in the racy-as-you-want-it-to-be fill-in-the-blank word game.

Lie Swatter

Need a game for a big group? Grab yourself or a crowd and play true-or-false with a timer. Don’t get swatted in this wacky fact-filled game! Grab the original Jackbox Party Pack to experience the storied Jackbox Games franchises in their first form.

Play using your phones, tablets or computers. No extra controllers needed!

NOTE: The Jackbox Party Pack is in English only.

NOTE: This game is local multiplayer, but can be enjoyed over streams with remote players.

How To Purchase

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Games Included in the Jackbox Party Pack

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