About Fibbage 2

When we went back to the drawing board for The Jackbox Party Pack 2, two things were clear:
     1.) We needed new markers and   2.) Fans wanted a sequel to Fibbage.

A franchise was born and it weighed a healthy 8 lbs, 2 ozs. Fibbage 2 is the second of 3.5 sequels in this fib-till-you-win trivia game. As in the first Fibbage, players are presented with an obscure trivia fact that’s missing one key detail. The objective is to fill in the blank so that it fools others into thinking it’s the truth.

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Unlike the first Fibbage, there are more than 500 brand-new questions (2x the amount in the original) and the deFIBrillator, a new feature that removes all of the choices except for one lie and one truth!

Not in the mood to host a party? In Fibbage 2, you can play the game with just two people.

* *Loveseat not included.

Looking for other Fibbage sequels? Check out Fibbage, Fibbage XL or Fibbage 3/Fibbage Enough About You here.

Game Specs

Player Count: 2-8 players
Length of Game: 15 -20 minutes
Family-Friendly Setting: Optional
Manual Censoring: No
Audience Capacity: 10,000
Extended Timers: Yes
Ability to Start Game From Controller: No

How To Purchase

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