Fibbage 4 is Coming to Party Pack 9

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We’ve made a lot of party games at Jackbox, but we finally found one we liked enough to slap a four on it.* That’s right, Fibbage 4 is available now in The Jackbox Party Pack 9 and it’s got a truckload of exciting features, including:

  • Everyone’s favorite trivia host, Cookie Masterson
  • Fibbage Enough About You mode, where all the questions are about you and your friends
  • Cookie’s VHS Vault, with video clips from the craziest old movies we could find (under Cookie’s bed)
  • Fibbage Fan Questions, with real weird stories told on video by the real Fibbage fans that lived them (Like you maybe? See below!)
  • More question categories
  • An all new Final Fibbage
  • Themed episodes
  • New audience features
  • Updated moderation tools
  • And more!

UPDATE: Fan Submissions for Fibbage 4 are now closed. Please check back in Fall 2022 to see fan facts in the game!

Our friends at Stumpt played a work-in-progress version of Fibbage 4! Get an early look at this game now:

* Okay fine, other than YDKJ: THE RIDE.

The Jackbox Party Pack 9 is available now on major digital platforms. Fibbage 4 will be joined by Nonsensory, RoomerangQuixort and Junktopia. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok so you don’t miss important announcements about this game and The Jackbox Party Pack 9.

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