Early Look at Dodo Re Mi

This fall, Jackbox Games’ first ever music game is coming to The Jackbox Party Pack 10

In Dodo Re Mi, you’ll use your phone as an instrument to play music alongside your bandmates (or play solo). If you play the song well enough, you’ll avoid fate by a hungry jungle plant. 
Members of the Dodo Re Mi game team played an early version of this game in the Jackbox Games office. Later, some more members of the team joined to play remotely, showing off how this game works with players on a video call and addressing latency concerns. Take a look:

This video was created as part of an early look interview with NME. Check out this piece to dive deeper into the creative process.

Dodo Re Mi is one of five games coming to Party Pack 10. Check out early looks of FixyText, Hypnotorious, Timejinx, and Tee K.O. 2
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