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We love getting comments about our games. If you just want to chat, the best way to reach out to us is via social media. We read everything you post. Even the crap.

However, if you have something more specific in mind, make sure you reach out to the right people:

  • If you need help with one of our games, please submit a ticket to┬áour support site.
  • If you’re looking to incorporate Jackbox Games titles into your workplace event or happy hour, visit this page.
  • If you are interested in jobs, you can check open positions on our┬ájobs page.
  • If you have a business inquiry, you can e-mail us at business at jackboxgames dot com. (Please donÔÇÖt send customer support to this e-mail address. It will probably get ignored. Use the support link above.)
  • If you’re looking for accessibility information, read our statement here.
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