About Blather 'Round

Blather ‘Round is a guessing game full of blundering, stumbling, and–yes!– blathering. You write sentences to describe pop culture phenomena to your friends, but you never get quiiiiite the right words. If you did, it wouldn’t be a game! It would just be describing things.

The first thing you do in Blather ‘Round is choose a prompt. It could be a person, place, thing or story. Within each category, the prompts vary widely! A “person” could be anyone from an actual human being (ex: our lord and savior Oprah Winfrey) to an anthropomorphic dog (ex: Scooby Doo).┬á

Then, everyone takes a turn presenting. When it’s your turn, you describe your prompt by tapping words to fill out a sentence. But your options are very limited! You might want to call Scooby Doo a “cartoon dog detective” but you might end up calling him a “ravenous mystery beast.”

As you create more elaborate sentences, your fellow players are submitting guesses. You can help steer the guessing by incorporating their guesses into some of your sentences. As soon as someone guesses your prompt correctly, your turn is over! 

In the second round, the points are doubled! And everything else is the same! By Round 2, you’ll be so ready to hit the ground running, you might even get sort of intense about it. But don’t forget that in the end, all that matters is you blathered together.

Game Specs

Player Count: 2-6 Players
Length of Game: 15-30 minutes (the player count changes this dramatically)
Family-Friendly Setting: Game content is family friendly by default
Manual Censoring: No
Audience Capacity: 10,000
Extended Timers: No
Ability to Start Game From Controller: Yes

How To Purchase

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You can purchase this game for Steam (PC/Mac/Linux) directly from our website. For all other purchases, simply click on the platform logo to get directed to their store.

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