About Bidiots

Going once… Going twice… SOLD to the player who might’ve just made a huge mistake! Bidiots takes the classic Jackbox Games drawing formula and elevates it to a high-class society affair. Put on your monocle as we explore this fine “art” auction game.

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In Bidiots, players are given a prompt to create a “masterpiece” on their mobile device. Then the auction begins. Throughout the bidding process, you are given hidden tips on your phone about which works of art (based on the prompt) are worth the most or least amount of money. Players bid accordingly and win by earning the highest profit with their purchased pieces. The problem? Well… let’s just say that paintings can look VERY abstract.

If you spend your money too quickly, you can always call the team at Predatory Loans to get some emergency fast cash… but be careful. The word “predatory” is in their name after all.

Game Specs

Player Count: 3-6 players
Length of Game: 15 -20 minutes
Family-Friendly Setting: Optional
Manual Censoring: No
Audience Capacity: N/A
Extended Timers: Yes
Ability to Start Game From Controller: No

How To Purchase

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